Tuesday, February 24, 2009

House MD Season 5 Guide

House Brief Summary: House also known as House M.D. is a US TV medical comedy-drama series by Fox. The show is about a doctor name Gregory House, a very smart suspicious doctor who doesnt trust anybody especially his patients. The show was created by executive producers David Shore, Katie Jacobs, Paul Attanasio and film director Bryan Singer.

House Main Cast and Characters: Hugh Laurie as "Dr. Gregory House", Lisa Edelstein as "Dr. Lisa Cuddy", Omar Epps as "Dr. Eric Foreman", Jesse Spencer as "Dr. Robert Chase", Jennifer Morrison as "Dr. Allison Cameron", Robert Sean Leonard as "Dr. James Wilson".

House M.D. Season 5 Trailer

House Season 5 Full Episodes List
Episode 1: Dying Changes Everything
Episode 2: Not Cancer
Episode 3: Adverse Events
Episode 4: Birthmarks
Episode 5: Lucky Thirteen
Episode 6: Joy
Episode 7: The Itch
Episode 8: Emancipation
Episode 9: Last Resort
Episode 10: Let Them Eat Cake
Episode 11: Joy to the World
Episode 12: Painless
Episode 13: Big Baby
Episode 14: The Greater Good
Episode 15: Unfaithful
Episode 16: The Softer Side
Episode 17: The Social Contract
Episode 18: Here Kitty
Episode 19: Locked In
Episode 20: Simple Explanation
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