Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heroes Season 3 Guide

Heroes is one of the most popular US TV show that combines with science fiction, action adventure and drama. Heroes series is about ordinary people from around the world that discovered they have extraordinary abilities that change their lives forever and with their superpowers, it helps them to prevent disasters.

Heroes Cast and Characters: Milo Ventimiglia as "Peter Petrelli", Zachary Quinto as "Gabriel Gray or Sylar", Hayden Panettiere as "Claire Bennet", Masi Oka as "Hiro Nakamura", Jack Coleman as "Noah Bennet", Greg Grunberg as "Matt Parkman", Sendhil Ramamurthy as "Mohinder Suresh", David Anders as "Takezo Kensei or Adam Monroe", Ali Larter as "Niki Sanders or Tracy Strauss", Noah Gray-Cabey as "Micah Sanders", James Kyson Lee as "Ando Masahashi", Adrian Pasdar as "Nathan Petrelli", Kristen Bell as "Elle Bishop", Dania Ramirez as "Maya Herrera", Dana Davis as "Monica Dawson", Leonard Roberts as "D.L. Hawkins", Santiago Cabrera as "Isaac Mendez", Tawny Cypress as "Simone Deveaux".

Heroes Season 3 "Villains" Episode Trailer

Heroes Season 3 Full Episodes List
Episode 1: The Second Coming
Episode 2: The Butterfly Effect
Episode 3: One of Us, One of Them
Episode 4: I Am Become Death
Episode 5: Angels And Monsters
Episode 6: Dying of the Light
Episode 7: Eris Quod Sum
Episode 8: Villains
Episode 9: It's Coming
Episode 10: The Eclipse: Part 1
Episode 11: The Eclipse: Part 2
Episode 12: Our Father
Episode 13: Dual
Episode 14: A Clear and Present Danger
Episode 15: Trust and Blood
Episode 16: Building 26
Episode 17: Cold Wars
Episode 18: Exposed
Episode 19: Shades of Gray
Episode 20: Cold Snap
Episode 21: Into Asylum
Episode 22: Face The Stranger
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